• Where can I purchase SkyPro?

    SkyPro is available for purchase online through our website here. It is also available at major golf retailers across USA, Canada and the UK.

  • Do I need a smartphone to use SkyPro?

    Yes, you currently need a compatible mobile device in order to use SkyPro. That being said - SkyPro will capture up to 32 swings without a compatible smartphone nearby. Once the 32 swing limit has been reached you will need to download this swings on to a smartphone before swings are overwritten.

  • Which mobile devices does SkyPro support?

    SkyPro currently supports Apple devices operating iOS 6 or greater (full list below). Support for Android devices is coming soon.

    Compatible Apple devices:

    • iPhone 4
    • iPhone 4S
    • iPhone 5
    • iPhone 5C
    • iPhone 5S
    • iPod touch (5th Generation)
  • How does the SkyPro communicate with my mobile device? How is data transferred to the app?

    Similar to voice headsets, SkyPro uses Bluetooth to transfer swing data from the SkyPro sensor to your smartphone or tablet.

  • What is included with the SkyPro?

    SkyPro comes with the following in the box:

    • SkyPro Sensor
    • SkyPro Smart Charger Case
    • USB to Mini-USB charging cable
    • Quick start guide
  • I’m a member of the press and would like to learn more about SkyPro. Who should I contact?

    We would love to talk to you about SkyPro. Feel free to email us here.

  • Will SkyPro work with my putter?

    Yes! The new version of SkyPro software analyzes your entire golf game incluing putting.  This is a free software update available to everyone, with no additional hardware required.

Hardware FAQ

  • How long does the SkyPro's battery last?

    SkyPro can operate at continuous use for 8+ hours. This would be swinging non-stop for 8 hours. In reality SkyPro is using much less power in between swings. At rest - SkyPro will last 30+ hours on a single charge. When SkyPro is completely off (in it's smart charge case) it will last 300+ hours before requiring charging. We recommend charing your SkyPro between sessions, however if you forget once or twice you should be okay.

  • How do you charge your device? What do the lights mean during charging?

    Place your SkyPro device in the Smart Charging Case and connect the USB cable to your computer or a USB wall charger. When connected to a power source, the red light will blink until a full charge is achieved. When a full charge is reached the red light will stay on to signify a full battery.

  • Having a pairing problem?

    We have found that sometimes the initial pairing will fail, and the SkyPro disappears from the Bluetooth list. If this happens, just restart your iOS device. This happens only during the initial pairing process, never during subsequent connections, so it should be just a one time thing.

Software FAQ

  • Has this device helped your swing? Did it show faults you had never seen before through normal videos?

    Here's what one SkyPro customer had to say:

    "My take-away face angle was too far open, and I had no idea. I consciously thought I at least had toe-up(o*) previously and never thought it was a problem. Wrong, Skypro showed me I needed to get a new feel for closing the face some more. Combine that with shaft angle at take-away, showed me I was taking it back too inside by a few degrees. With SP Groove, I "xed that. With just those two items "xed (got a new feel) by grooving I was taking the club back MUCH MUCH better, which resulted in a better position at the top, better loading at the top, and a much truer plane in my case. Therefore the downswing just became "better". I also found I had a tendency to take the club back too far. I then grooved a shorter backswing, and immediately developed a feel for a shorter backswing."

    And another:

    "I thought I had good shaft lean at impact. After measuring, it wasn’t good enough. I grooved it, and within minutes developed a new "feel" to achieve the shaft lean I was targeting."
  • Where can I find more information on how to use the SkyPro?

    If you open your SkyPro app and touch the icon at the top left corner of the swing view, you will see a Help menu with detailed information about how to use SkyPro. Alternatively, you can view the SkyPro Handbook found at the top right corner of this webpage.

  • How do you compare two swings?

    Tap on a swing you want to compare and the swing speed of that swing will turn blue, then touch another one, but hold it down until you get the options that say "Compare" or "Favorite". Touch Compare and that swing will be red and you're good to go.

  • Why is Face Angle @ impact not a checkpoint on SkyPro

    The reason it's not represented by a number in the app is because we're not yet comfortable reporting it. The problem we have (which I think is common to all devices that use our type of sensors) is identifying the precise time of impact. I've seen club face’s closing at over 2000°/s near the ball. At this speed, a tiny 1 ms error in impact time will result in a 2° error in face angle - enough to significantly alter the ball flight. This is why a high sample rate matters so much. We read our sensors at a maximum of 3200 samples per second: overkill for most of the swing, but crucial for resolving impact time accurately. If the ball was always hit cleanly off a tee we'd be in the clear, but fat shots can skew the results. We do correct for fat shots already, but want to be absolutely sure our numbers are accurate in the vast majority of situations before releasing them. We've been working with some high speed cameras and other test equipment that will better identify actual ball impact, and it's looking promising so far. So, to summarize: we hear you and will continue to work towards a Face Angle @ Impact number you can trust. Notice that you can force the play arrow further to the right and see impact and the beginning of ball flight. If you look at it from and overhead view you can see if the ball went left or right.

  • When I calibrate my driver, sometimes it says it is a 3 wood. What do I do?

    You can swipe side to side to change clubs. I'd recommend doing this, because the SkyP

    SkyPro tries to learn your club's specific lie/loft values based on your selections. This usually improves its club estimation, but if you're actually using a different club it will learn the wrong values (note: this 'learning' only affects the club estimation after calibration - it does not affect any actual results of your swing).

  • If I seem to have a software problem while working with SkyPro what can I do?

    Try closing the app manually by double clicking the iOS home button, holding the SkyPro icon, then tapping the red x bubble. And as an aside, if you want to shut down the hardware sensor so that it can reset itself, put it in its case, close the lid, and wait about 10 seconds. Be sure the case is unplugged from a power source.

  • Will you be showing pro swings on SkyPro? It would be fun to compare our favorite against theirs – compare the speeds, the takeaway angles @ half back, the planes, etc.

    We're working on the professional sponsor swings. We have some great connections, so I think we'll be able to deliver well on this front.

  • Do you think SkyPro might be able to measure lag on a future update?

    We've been thinking about this for a long time. I think our sensors, located where they are and measuring what they do, are ideally suited for this task - but the problem is defining and displaying the parameter in a way that is intuitive and meets people's expectations. That always seems the hardest part, but we have a few good ideas.

  • How do you use the plane mode on SkyPro?

    The intent in the Plane Mode is to work with video apps like V1 Golf app. As an example, here is a video online : You'll notice that he starts by drawing a line on the shaft at address. This is equivalent to our lower plane in plane mode, which we can measure directly. Then he draws a line through the golfer's shoulders. This we can't automatically do, because we only know where the club is - not the golfer (or his shoulders). We try to estimate an upper plane with a formula based on the address plane and a typical golfer's proportions, but the real idea is to get your actual angle from your video app. Say it's 14°. Now go into the plane mode in SkyPro and enter 14° into the "Top Plane" box using the + and - buttons. Now you can hit balls and get immediate feedback on your swing without having to set up a video camera or worry about the associated perspective issues!

  • SkyPro tells me my shaft lean at address is too far forward even when it appears it is not. What is the reason?

    One possible cause could be that your club face is not square to the target line. You can test this by trying a swing opening or closing the face more than normal and see if it changes the results of the shaft lean.

  • SkyPro tells me that my takeaway@ halfback is very inside and I don’t think it is?

    We assume the target line is where your club face is pointing at address. This is something we can't measure directly with our sensors. Our strategy was to try to de"ne our checkpoints to mitigate the effects of this uncertainty. For example, face angle @ half back and half down aren't affected by target line because they're measured to the vertical (which we can measure accurately). The backswing length and shaft angles are also not practically affected by target line. Shaft lean checkpoints are affected, but to only some extent. Return and takeaway angle checkpoints are most affected by target line, but we include them because we think they are still useful. For example, I used to take my club away inside by 25° or more. While developing groove mode, I reduced my takeaway angle @ half back to 0-5° inside, which noticeably improved my ball flight.

  • Do swings register with foam practice balls or other practice balls? I am looking to use the SkyPro for indoor sessions.

    Yes. It has an Indoor Swing support mode in the software that makes the impact a little more sensitive. This was addressed in the version 1.3 software update. The soft foam balls with the small wooden core would work well. "Almost golf" balls work fine as well.