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"SkyPro is revolutionizing the way teachers help golfers to learn and improve. With the addition of the putting analysis feature, golfers can work on their entire game from tee to green, learning to build good habits during every practice session, not just when they’re working with their teacher. It’s such an effective teaching and practicing tool, that I believe every golfer should be using it if they are serious about improving their game."

Hank Haney
Golf Digest Top 5 Teacher

"More than 40% of all golf shots are putts, which is why it’s so critical for golfers to work on this part of the game if they want to improve their scores. SkyPro uses the latest technology to help golfers gain confidence in their putting by working on grooving a more consistent, solid stroke every time they practice rather than repeating their faults. This new confidence and skill will help golfers lower their scores and improve the overall enjoyment of the game."

Michael Breed
2012 PGA Teacher of the Year


"Just got back into golf after 7 years off and discovered this device on this forum. I was always a student of the game and still am and I must say this thing is incredible! There is no way I would have been on the path to success that I am now without this device. I've been working on my plane since I started playing again and fight coming back inside but now I can see exactly what's happening and also didn't realize what I was doing in the transition on the way down. Gained a easy 4 mph just by changing my right elbow position at the top. Never would have known otherwise!! Great device SkyPro!!"


"If this thing is accurate, it might be the best training aid ever. I see why I have [over the top] steep issues vs ones on plane . Now I can really feel the difference. If this can be integrated with trackman it would be the bomb. Just think of the possibilities."

Module Mahoney

“Just eclipsed 10K putts with SkyPro. I can't imagine practicing without it. It would take so much longer to work on swing changes without it. The feature I use most is Focus mode showing Tempo, Face Angle at Impact, Path Direction at impact. I do use Tempo Groove sometimes but usually I just monitor it in Focus mode. Looking forward to using it on full swings.”

Golf Ninja

“So, I played with in the house and back yard yesterday evening to get accustomed to the features and get familiar with the unit. One of my biggest mistakes is taking the club too inside. It's amazing even how much I exaggerating taking it outside, it was still inside. Hard to believe how much of the "inside arc" is achieved by the turn. Also, I think I'm getting the handle extending away from my torso instead of turning. Not sure if this makes sense with my description, but going to test some different feels today at the range and see if it significantly impacts my takeaway angle. Every golfer should have a SkyPro.....AWESOME!!!”


“The initial session is good to establish what needs improving, then simply persevere with regular groove sessions until you get the changes you want. The secret is to always have the SkyPro on your club, this reduces the chances of old habits sticking around. It makes an enormous difference to have every swing monitored.”


“It has had a huge impact on helping me change my swing from an over the top to straight if not in to out path i have now. I'm so satisfied that I haven't had one urge to try out any of the other devices. And as mentioned before...having the putting function is huge...that no other competitor has.“


Enjoy! [SkyPro] has become an indispensable tool when I work on swings changes.


"With SkyPro, the guesswork is taken away. Brilliant 3D, quick & easy, and provides invaluable detail. Once you’ve tried SkyPro, you won’t ever go to the range without it."

Today's Golfer

"Pioneering .. gives golfers a brilliant insight into their swing."

Golf International

"Immediate results .. a great app which looks superb."

Golf Monthly

"Fun, intuitive and comprehensive."


"This is a great product I have found the data to be very accurate. You won't get the same results from video unless you have a third party filming you with a very good camera."


"I have over 3700 posts, and I like the product.  I think it's one of the best training aids I've ever seen in 23 years of playing golf... just saying... it's that's good imo."


"My buddy (who has been in numerous of my videos) is a hit on the range in south bend with this thing... he is analyzing people's swings and calling me non-stop about this [SkyPro]. He actually won't stop calling... just raving left and right about this [SkyPro].  His average drives were 210 carry, he said (with help of SkyPro) he is carrying it 230 now.  Only had this unit for a week now... bought before me. Just excited to hear excitement in his voice in increasing his drive carry by 20 yrds. This type of product will revolutionize golf teaching and learning, I can see the big picture of this one."

Chris Peterich

"I love gadgets and could not resist getting this thing even though some reviews were not so hot. I've found the results of my swings to be very enlightening and I was surprised to see that my swing plane is better than I thought. With a little tweaking, I managed to adjust to a perfect plane. It's helpful knowing my swing speed, too. When I have a good, on plane swing at a good speed and the ball went straight and far, then I mark it as a favorite and "groove" it. Overall, just seeing the graphic display of my swing and knowing my swing speed has given me new confidence, and that alone makes this a worthwhile purchase."

Dog Whisperer fan

"I had my first practice round last night...wow. 100 swings with a 6 iron and I can already tell this is the best investment in golf improvement I have ever made. Better fundamentals, swings and tempo in theory it should translate into better scores but really just hitting better, purer shots more routinely is worth the price of admission. I'm on the brink of double digit handicap to single so all these little tweaks should put me over the edge and keep me there. This is very cool. Works well too just hitting a rubber tee and doesn't work (as it should) with just waggles or pump drills etc. Very happy so far, I'll keep my impressions and ideas for improvement coming to those on the sidelines."


"I met the developers at a golf expo yesterday and could not believe how helpful the SkyPro is on finding my swing flaws. I took it to an indoor range and it worked great. I was finally able to visualize my imperfections (casting and backswing past parallel) and work to correct them without the assistance of a 2nd person to hold a camera for me. I also really like the I can view multiple angles of the same swing. The SkyPro team really hit the nail on the head when selecting features and the unit was very accurate. I go to several indoor golf simulators and my SkyPro swing speed and swing path matched the results I commonly see on the simulators. Great product, I highly recommend it."


"This is by far the best, most accurate analyzer on the market. It's easy to calibrate and has worked perfectly so far. I bought mine a few months ago and it's tremendously helped my swing."


"SkyPro! Way to go! I had no idea that i could get this much info out of such a small device. It really helps my swing and it didn't require rocket science."


"My SkyPro arrived today. Just been playing with it at home. Tomorrow to the range. This thing rocks!!! Seems very sturdy, professionally built. Blutooth pairing was seamless and managed to record a swing by contact with carpet. I think it is great value for $200. I can see I'm going to be spending many hours at the range with this device and MTRx simultaneously."


"Great support with great potential - The developers on this product have been fantastic! Every request made has found itself into this update. Infinite upgrades can and will be made to the app to interpret the data. It's already great but has still so much untapped potential. I for one am looking forward to what's in store."

Apple App Store

"Everyone stated that it was amazing at how much my swing has changed and how much more on plane it looks now compared to the past 2 weeks. I still have a long way to go but I feel a lot better about playing! Thanks SkyPro!"


"The SkyPro provides a wealth of data that appears to be very accurate. My pro uses a Flightscope launch monitor during my lessons, and the info from my SkyPro matches the Flightscope info very well."


"This is exactly what is was looking for. As a golfer with no handicap yet I needed something to understand my swing better. And SkyPro does it with a style and with ease. I recommend this unit for every golfer who wants a better understanding of his/her swing/putt."

MHappy Buyer

"Fantastic training aid! - What a great piece of kit! If you're serious about improving your game, get some lessons from your PGA Pro and use the SkyPro to help you practice your key learning points. The instant feedback you get is invaluable and the groove mode really does help."

Apple App Store

"My wife picked this up for me yesterday at Golfsmith. I haven't been able to take it to the range yet but I made a few swings in the living room and as long as I brushed the carpet it would register on the ipad. You can really clamp it down on the club too so I don't think it will move around even when hitting balls. Can't wait to get to the range!"


"It really seems like the groove feature is going to be ground breaking. It's easy to break down film and do lessons but to be able to get instant feedback on what's good and bad swing after swing is amazing. Being a hacker, to be able to work on my swing in the yard and know what I'm working on is correct and I am not just guessing will help my game leaps and bounds."


"SkyPro is without question better in so many ways. Too many of these types of products end up more troublesome than they are useful. This is definitely not the case with SkyPro. The big benefit is how seamless it is the use - very hand-off and fast. You will not need to be messing around with it while you practice. It just does its job and lets you get on with swinging. In my opinion, SkyPro has set the new standard for golf swing monitors, by a significant margin. It really is a no-brainer choice if you’re in the market for this type of product."


"I am amazed at the device! I think it works phenomenal... mostly because of the groove feature. There’s nothing like instant feedback which groove gives you via sound. You can quickly dial in the right feel to achieve certain swing conditions... I “grooved” many swings this morning working on backswing length, shaft lean at impact, etc... It really does what is advertised and within minutes I was grooving a better swing with better ball flights, that required less effort. It proves to me feel is not real as they say. A great training aid!"


"At the range drilling down on groove mode. Best feature ever!!! Best $200 spent on golf ever!!! #stoked"