What is SkyPro?

SkyPro is a new way to get instant feedback on your golf swing. There are two parts to SkyPro: the sensor and the app. The sensor attaches to your golf club and records its motion. When it detects your swing, the app wirelessly reaches out and plucks your motion data from the sensor. It then reconstructs your club’s movement, displays your swing in full 3D from address to impact in the app, and provides Alerts to help you improve.

SkyPro is built around the idea that improvement comes from both feedback and practice. SkyPro starts by intelligently looking through your incoming swings for features that seem out of the ordinary. These can often alert you to a potential problem area in your swing. SkyPro Alerts then give you the feedback required in order to become a better golfer.

Need more personalized feedback? SkyPro will overlay your favorite swing with one that isn’t-so-favorite, highlighting and annotating the differences between them in high definition 3D. SkyPro will then help you get back to your best form with Groove Sessions. This fun and productive mode provides instant feedback during practice, and helps train you to become more consistent.


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Powered by SkyGolf